Having just wrapped-up their second album, “Love Is A Lie, Filth is Eternal,” — if you are unfamiliar with the band, listen to their 2018 blistering debut, Suffrage — Seattle feminist hardcore band Fucked and Bound, are heading out on a west coast run that begins today. Tucson death-grind act Languish will accompany several of the dates listed below.

1/4 Eugene, OR @ Old Nicks w/ Paranoiac, Ausekara, Josh & Jake’s Band
1/5 Chico, CA @ Naked Lounge w/ The Choice, MUCID, Lyfecoach
1/6 Oakland, CA @ Elbo Room w/ Trough, No Lights
1/7 Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse w/ Languish, Plague Doctor, Dead Center
1/8 Phoenix, AZ @ Masters Chambers w/ Languish, Skullcrush, Saintbreaker
1/9 Tucson, AZ @ Wooden Tooth Records w/ Languish, Get a Grip
1/10 San Diego, CA EARLY SHOW @ Red Brontosaurus w/ Languish, Therapy
1/10 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar w/ Languish, Deep Sea Thunder Beast, BobxRoss
1/11 Long Beach, CA @ Que Sera w/ Languish, Galena
1/12 LA, CA @ The BLVD Metal Assault w/ Languish, Benoit, Black Notebook, Cavity
1/13 Bend, OR @ 3rd Street Pub w/ Drone Wars