As albums of the year lists make the rounds on blogs, social media and irl conversations; with one week of 2018 left, there are still boundary pushing artists releasing new music. Look no further than to Year 22, a Copenhagen based cassette label that specializes in showcasing experimental electronic artists around the globe, to release what will definitely be a worthy last minute edition to any year-end list.

Lake Ülemiste’s ‘Eutrophic’ is a journey in eight movements. Expanding on the grey and blue ambient familiarity of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and William Basinski, Lake Ülemiste shepherds the listener even deeper into a traveling synesthesia of field recording patterns and experimental loops colorfully brilliant and inspiring. And after three consecutive listens, I can safely say that “Eutrophic” is not just included, but a contender for the top spot this year.

“Eutropic” is available as a limited run of 100 gold cassettes and each comes with a small print of one of 10 accompanying photos.

Pick up your copy here.


01 Õõnsus (Cavity)
02 Läikiv (Lustrous)
03 Võilill (Dandelion)
04 Ōis (Blossom)
05 Laine (Waves)
06 Öökull (Owl)
07 Soe Ōhk (Warm Air)
08 55.6726417 (1.1)