We flew out to Hamburg this week for our latest co-production of 'A Muse'. The first day of shooting is February 1st 2018.

The film follows a young Bosnian woman named Mia (Mersiha Husagic) who is offered a role in a performance recreating Yves Klein’s Anthropometries of the blue period. Excited by the opportunity, Mia accepts the role, but quickly finds herself at odds with the director, Adrian (Rares Andrici), a Romanian immigrant who uses his performers as pawns; integrating Tinder into the fabric of the performance and having his actors go on dates to discover “how to be emotionally naked.” The performers are interviewed about these experiences on camera, with video of the conversation projected on the walls during the Anthropometries recreation.

While Mia tries to balance her day-to-day life and her struggles navigating the ethical minefield of Adrian’s methodology, the film takes us back to Romania several years prior, examining Adrian’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Bianca (Miriam Rizea), as well as a chance encounter with a Ukranian stage actress (Irina Potapenko) that influences Adrian’s view on art and life. 

The bifurcated narrative builds to an unexpected and cathartic finale where Mia, Adrian, and Bianca are connected through an emotional climax that transcends time and place.